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“I recently attended 'Earth Initiation - A wilderness rite of passage' at Anam Cara in the Scottish Highlands. I can't really express in words how profoundly healing this experience was. I arrived feeling in a very dark, bleak place indeed, and left a new person, healed and ready to step into a new chapter of my life with excitement for the future again. Our guides, Amy, Rupert and Margaret, were a fantastic, alchemical team of mature wisdom, acute sensitivity and a deep honouring of all life. They weaved their joint magic together to help each of us to crystallise our intention for the four-day solo fast that we were building up to, and afterwards they mirrored back to us our stories with poetic beauty and heart-felt truth; in fact this was one of the most healing parts of the experience. Myself and the rest of the group felt utterly held by the safe, ceremonial space that our guides created throughout the retreat, not only when sitting in circle, but also when we were out on the land and they were supporting us with songs and prayers at base-camp, as well as meeting all of our practical needs with efficiency and sincere care.  I can't fault the experience at all and would highly recommend it to anyone who feels ready to mark a significant shift in their life at this time, and feels the call of supportive community and deep nature connection to help them make this shift, under expert, loving guidance. Thank you Amy et al for such a wonderful opportunity and healing experience!”


B.M, Earth Initiation participant, 2019. 

“It is a joy and a privilege to sit in circle with Amy. I have heard her described as “She who sees…a lot!” This couldn’t be more true. Her sensitivity to and kinship with the more-than-human world is inspiring and humbling. I found myself following insects across rocks and waiting for lizards to crawl on me after just one conversation with her! Her very presence invites you to feel more alive in yourself and a deep, honest belonging to the earth”.


Lucy O’Hagan, Wild Awake. 

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